About Michelle


Giving Back

Join us in giving back to those who are the most needy in our communities. We are now giving back a portion of all sessions to two worthy charities in the Cleveland area.


We will be giving these donations to Building Hope in the City to help refugees coming to the Cleveland area learn the english language, get job training, tutoring children in school among other things. You can learn more about Building Hope in the City and donate yourself at www.buildinghopeinthecity.org

The second place that we will be donating is to  House of Mews Cat rescue. This is the rescue that we adopted Pikachu and Pearl from, this allowed us to see just how great this rescue is. All cats are well cared for in loving foster homes allowing your new furry family member to come to you fully litter box trained, localized, used to people and very loving. You can find more about House of Mews and donate id you would like at www.houseofmewsrescue.org


      Photography has always been a passion of mine. I would be doing        photography even if I was not photographing people and their family       members, both human and pet, professionally. I started Urbanography   Studio in 2017 to share my passion of photographing pets and people with those around me, allowing them to enjoy the images for years to come.

     Photography is not my only passion though. I am a loving wife to my husband. He is a school teacher and very supportive of my dreams and   passions as I work hard to grow this business each and every year.

      I am also a mother to three wonderful children. One is a competitive gymnast and gymnastics is all she thinks about. She is also a bookworm   and loves to read. My second child also loves to read books and has taken on karate recently and is loving it. My third child is currently still young so he is just along for the ride right now with the others.

      Along with the three kids I also had a dog for many years, but she unfortunately passed away in 2019. We now are loving pet parents to Pikachu, Pearl and Treecho. Pikachu and Pearl are our kittens and they keep life interesting at our house. Treecho is a leopard gecko, so we are an exotic pet family too. In 2019 we lost our beloved Lab mix Heidi, it was a very difficult time for me and my family, losing her is  the reason that I began doing pet photography in the first place. I felt so much better when we lost her, we have professional quality pictures of her, just like the rest of the family. I love providing that  piece of mind to other families since our pets are part of the family too.

When I am not photographing my clients, their families and pets, or doing an activity with my family you can find me watching Cleveland Indians baseball, camping or hiking and spending time with friends.