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Martial Arts Studios

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Parents love pictures of their child athletes and martial arts students are no different. We photograph martial arts studios and dojos, allowing your parents to have the same opportunity as other sports. We come to your studio to photograph all your students and create images that show their passion for martial arts. 

Traditional Picture Day

When we come to your studio for picture day, we take care of everything for you. We bring the people needed to run an efficient and organized picture day. You have choices for your picture day to allow you to choose what works best for your dojo, parents, and athletes. We offer a traditional sports picture day using traditional ordering methods, pictures, and backgrounds.  We also offer modern digital ordering and modern picture designs and products. On a typical picture day we photograph all your students and can also do color belt or class group pictures if you desire.  We always create a studio picture with all students included as well. 

Action Photos

Action photography of your classes allows you to have interesting pictures and artwork of your athlete in action. After we take actions pictures of your athletes, you have many different ways to use them, in marketing for the studio, creative artwork for purchase by the parents, or other options that fit your studio's personal needs. If you want more information on how we can assist you and your dojo with your picture day or action shots, please contact us via phone at ​​440-694-5753 or email

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