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Kids are kids and that is what we capture when we are photographing kids, the wild, sweet lovable, active personalities of your kids.

We do this by allowing kids to be kids in our photography studio, we photograph posed shots with the kids but also include fun times of play and lifestyle photography in our children sessions. Kid sessions can be done in our West Cleveland studio with or without props.

Kids photography sessions are also available at a location of your choice. These photography locations are good for bringing out the true personality of every child. Some of the locations that we love to photograph kids at are the park, beach, playground, or any other place your child is comfortable.

We provide the props that we routinely use in our kids sessions, but feel free to provide your own if you are looking to make sure something special to your child is included in your images. Also we suggest that if your child has something that they cling to to please bring it with you to make you child more comfortable.


Please give us a call or email to discuss your kids photography needs and to book your session.

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