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Legacy Pet Sessions

Do you have a senior animal in your life or an animal that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? This is always a difficult time as a pet owner, since your pet is part of your family too, We are looking to make this difficult time a little easier with our legacy sessions. Legacy sessions celebrate you and the love you and your pet have for each other.

Your pets comfort is most important to us so we typically photograph legacy sessions either at your home or at a park that your pet loves, but they can also be done at our studio if you prefer. Legacy session can be scheduled on short notice since we know that sometimes time is of the essence will ill pets. We photograph at you and your pets pace allowing time for your pet to rest if needed or for you to compose yourself, allowing your images to celebrate the good times your have had together.

Please call 216-225-8273 to schedule for Pet Legacy session. Calling directly allows us to schedule your session as soon as possible, allowing you to get in quickly.

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