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Cost of a session:


A typical session at Urbanography Studio lasts up to one hour. The session costs $100. This cost is for the photographers time, the cost of the props that are used in your session, along with all the other overhead that has to be paid to run a legal business (insurance, taxes, etc.).Prints or Digital files are not included in the session price, they are purchased separately allowing you to purchase only what you need from your session.

Pet legacy sessions can be scheduled on short notice and cost $125. Along with the time taken to tenderly photograph your beloved family member as their time here on earth comes to an end this sessions also includes that choice of one piece of artwork that you will cherish for a lifetime. You can choose from wither a 4x6 album with 10 images or a 10x20 metal print with three images and your beloved pets name. Additional products and images are also available for purchase. 


What happens before your session:

Once you have scheduled your appointment we will send you an invoice if you have not already paid for your session or the deposit at time of booking, along with the invoice we will also send you our photography contract. A signed contract is required with every session. You will also be asked to fill out a client survey before your session, this allows us to get to know you a little better. Gettin  g to know you better allows us to get more smiles, especially out of kids. If you are having an animal photographed we require a meet and greet with the animal at the location of the session allowing your pet to get more comfortable with us before your session. We also offer pre session meet and greets with kids, this is a good idea if you have a shy child that takes a while warming up to new people. We will also be in contact with you to discuss the location of your session, any theme that you would like to be included, clothing choices, and to answer any questions you have about your session. This conversation is typically either done in person at our studio or a local coffee shop or on the phone. The more we communicate before your session the smoother your session will run.

What happens during your session:

Please arrive for your session a few minutes early, allowing you to get comfortable and ready for your session. All sessions will begin at your scheduled time, so be ready to start on time. If you are having children or pets photographed we allow them to play and relax during the session since they have short attention spans typically. These play times typically produce some candid moments that are some of the most cherished images from the session. Please bring with you the favorite toy or lovey that will help your child or pet to relax. Also please provide another person to watch them while they are not being photographed, this allows you to focus on being photographed and allows the session to run more smoothly.

What happens after your session:

After your scheduled session an order appointment will be held, in our studio, one week later. At your order appointment you will be presented with your final images. This is when you decide what you would like to order. We offer prints, canvas prints, digital images and framing services along with speciality products. Once you place your order and pay your balance in full your order will be available for pickup roughly three weeks after your order appointment. You will also receive an online gallery of all your images after your order appointment, this allows you to share your images with friends, family and social media.

Guidelines for what to wear for your session:

The first thing we recommend when it comes to dressing for you photography session is that you wear something is comfortable. You wan to wear comfortable clothes since you will be posing in different poses for up to an hour and if you are comfortable you will look better in your images. Clothes should also fit well, not too tight or too loose. 

Secondly, if you are having pictures taken outside please dress for the weather. Once again if you are not comfortable, freezing or overheated, it will show in your final images.

Third, if you are being photographed with a group of people we recommend that your outfits coordinate with each other but are not completely matchy matchy. Some possible color themes are:

Neutral color theme - This color theme would include different shades of white, browns, blues.

Pastels - This color theme is all light colors, typically what we think of as easter to spring colors.

Same color family - This is different shades and colors within the same color family, for example different shades of blue.

Nature inspired colors - In this theme think of the colors that are together in nature. Greens, reds, oranges. Fall colors are a good example of this.


Fourth, there are certain things that are not good for you to wear to your session.  What not to wear for your photography session:

Bright colors - this is especially true when you are having family/group pictures since bright colors take your eye away from your faces and to the bright colors. Bright colors are perfect for a child's session though since they show off the personality and playfulness of children. If you want bright colors included in your pictures bring them in with the accessories, that way they do not overpower. A pop of color is always beautiful.

Lots of patterns -  if you or especially your group wear many different patterns for your pictures they will clash with each other and look too busy in your pictures.

Once you have picked out the clothes you are wanting to wear for your photographs lay them all out together, shirts, pants, socks and shoes, on a bed to visualize what the entire look looks like. If you have question about if what you have picked out please send us a picture and we are happy to help out and will let you know if we think any outfit should be changed.

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