A furry valentine’s to you

Valentine’s Day is always a fun holiday to create photography for.  Whether you are getting boudoir, couples, family, kid or pet photos done to celebrate this season of love. 

This year we photographed a senior dog and a young child for Valentine’s Day. These were fun filled sessions. They were some interesting sessions with lots of things going on, but that is what makes these sessions fun. 

When you are photographing a dog that only wants to sleep and does not respond to treats, toys, noises mist the time it can make for a long session or in this case you get a happy dog that likes to smile for you. Moral of the story every session is different especially when you are working with pets. This beloved dog is lived by their humans and they cherish these images as they do not know how long this puppy still has, since she is almost 15 and starting to really slow down. 

Oh two year olds. They never want to sit still but when you are a child photographer you go with it. I will tell you that photographing children is a good workout. in the end we do all the crazy things that go along with capturing kids to get images like this that capture the personality of the child perfectly. 

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