Sassy at Seven

This is one sassy seven year old. She knows how to work it. Since she is such a sassy child and to show her unique outgoing personality we decided her seventh birthday pictures should have a more urban feel to them. We went to a couple of train stations, since each one had a different look to it, graffiti on the side of a bridge, and under the bridge at night. All locations were fun to photograph at.

The first train station, the Cleveland RTA rapid station off West 140th, was a very modern space with lots of windows and beautiful light coming in. This made for some beautiful, contemporary images. Being in this unique space led to twirling, which I believe would happen anywhere, climbing up and down many stairs, looking out windows, etc. All these different elements lead to her sassy personality being fully shown.

The second train station that we visited, the Cleveland Westpark RTA rapid station, was just around the corner from the first but had such a different feel to it. It is older and more architectural with cool stone benches, sculptures, and an interesting walkway that just asked to be photographed while we were there. So what does a sassy seven year old do in a such a open area? More spinning, climbing on benches, watching for the train, etc.

Once we finished at the train stations we went to a local bridge close to the second train station to a set of stone stairs beside a bridge. The stairs created a great background for this sassy seven year old to pose and the graffiti of the wall added to the feeling of the setting.

We loved the look of the bridge so much that we went back after it got dark and took more pictures with the colored lights that are in use illuminating the bottom of the bridge in a red glow.