Beautiful baby girl.

We had the great opportunity to photograph this little beauty. She was only 8 days old when we did this session. 

This little one was not interested in sleeping when she first got to our studio, but after some food and a little bit of time in her grandmas arms (along with the warm heaters going) she finally went to sleep soundly and we were able to get these beautiful images of her that her family will cherish for a lifetime and remember just how tiny she was as a newborn. 

Schedule your newborn appointment now if you would like images like these of your little one. Call 216-225-8273 or email while you are still pregnant to schedule. Newborn sessions need to be scheduled in the first 10 days after birth to get the images of the baby all curled up and sleepy. 

Newborn sessions are a great way to remember just how small they are at birth. 

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