Hinckley Lake Park - Cleveland Metroparks (part 1)

Hinckley Lake located in Hinckley Ohio, is a beautiful location to have pictures taken with many different places that have a different looks to them that are close together. It is the perfect place to have many different looks for your pictures in a short amount of time. In this blog entry I will show you and tell you about several of the different locations that are great for your pictures located around Hinckley Lake.

The first location that we are going to tell you about at Hinckley Lake is the lake itself. There is the lower lake and the upper lake. First we will talk about the lower lake. In the lower lake area there are three different areas that would make good locations for your pictures: the wading area, the swimming area, and the picnic area.

The wading area is a good place to have pictures taken of children along with pictures of water loving dogs. There is water and little islands allowing for pictures in the water and on dry land very close together. This area makes for good in water pictures since the water is shallow. In between the wading area and the swimming area is a walking bridge over the water. This bridge is also great for pictures, either on it or with it in the background.

The swimming area is the area that is the closest to the waterfall so you would have the least obstructions. There is also a beach. Pictures are always beautiful on the beach, whether it is kids playing in the sand, lovers walking down the beach hand in hand, or dogs playing catch with their favorite toy.

The third and final location in the lower lake area is the picnic areas. In the picnic areas there is open grass areas, and a more wooded area. Both of these areas are nice for pictures and allow for variation in your portrait session.

The next area of Hinckley Lake that we are going to talk about is the upper lake. This is the area directly adjacent to the lake. There are several areas around the lake that make great photo locations these include the open area overlooking the lake, the boat dock area and the tree lined lower hiking trail.

In this field there are many different views of the lake,trees and the grasses that would make a beautiful portrait. This is an especially beautiful place in the fall when all the trees have changed colors.

Another place at Hinckley Lake that is a great place for portraits is the area around the boat launch. Once again this area has many different backgrounds to offer. There is the lake view off the dock, the trees that are in the picnic area, tall grasses, and the area where the boats are at. This area is nice since there are so many different looks in a very close proximity to each other, allowing for multiple locations in your session to create a varied look.

The last place we are going discuss in this blog is the trail that goes along the lake itself. There are many different places as you hike along the trail but I just love how the trees in this area of the park lend themselves to beautiful portraits of your favorite people or pets. The trees are beautiful here no matter what time of year it is. Green in the summer or spring, full of color in the fall and even without leaves in the beautiful white snow of the winter.

This is just a small sampling of all the places that make beautiful images possible in the Cleveland Metroparks Hinckley Lake Reservation. We will be telling you about other locations in this park in future blog entries, be on the lookout for those. We look forward to photographing you in one of these beautiful locations. Call 216-225-8273 or email michelle@urbanographystudio.com today to schedule your risk free consultation appointment.

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