Bonnie Park - Cleveland Metroparks

Bonnie Park is a park located in the Cleveland Metroparks system. This park has something for everyone, especially when you are looking for a location for your portrait session. There is a stone picnic shelter, a field with trees, and an area overlooking the river and waterfall. The stone picnic shelter is a beautiful place to have pictures taken. It offers many different places in and around allowing for different looks. This is nice especially if you are doing a large family session and want a different look for the different groups when breaking down the bigger group.

The field is a large area and it has many different trees in it. There are standard trees but there is also a tree that makes a perfect seat to be photographed on. This open area is also a wonderful area to photograph your beloved dog, and let him get his energy out and play at the same time. We love action dog photos.

The final location in this beautiful park that we are going to tell you about today is the area overlooking the river. In this area you can see the beautiful waterfall that is on the river here in Bonnie Park. There are several different locations in the park that overlook the river. You can use the brick wall or the wooden fence to pose on and show off the beautiful river behind.

If you like the look of Bonnie Park and want to schedule a portrait session please give us a call today at 216-225-8273 and remember outdoor fall sessions fill up quickly.

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