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Halloween is almost here and as a parent I know I always want to have pictures each year of my kids in their Halloween costumes to remember what they dressed up as each year and to see how much they have grown in the past year. As a professional photographer and mom I am always trying to get that perfect picture in their costumes. Some years I get that perfect shot and some years not even close, this especially true of when I try and get them to take pictures together. I do have three very opinionated kids after all, and they become even more opinionated when I bring out the camera. So today I’m going to give you several ways to take better pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes this year. 1. Take them early. Taking your Halloween pictures early, before trick or treating, allows you to have the opportunity to take your time. If you are not trying to get photos right before you head out you will be more relaxed and able to take your time. When you are stressed that this needs to be done right now, we have no time and need to go, etc. I’m yelling at my kids to listen and look at me and the longer they take the more frustrated I get and the less willing they are to follow directions, and it turns into a big viscous cycle and you do not get the nice pictures you are looking for. Another reason to take them early is that you can use this photography session to make sure the costume is ready to go and fits, if something is just not right you would have time to make adjustments to the costume before the big day of trick or treating. This also helps that if your kids are just not having the photos at this time you have time to redo them before Halloween and you would still have them ready to go to post for everyone to see as if you had done them as they are leaving to go trick or treating. 2. Get down on their level and other angles. When we as adults are taking pictures of our kids it is natural for us to take the picture looking down on them since we are usually taller than they are. If you wasn’t better pictures try getting down on your kids level or having them sit or stand on something so they are closer to your level. Also don’t forget when you are taking pictures of Halloween costumes the back and sides can be as interesting or maybe even more interesting than the front of the costume. Make sure you take pictures of that side too. 

3. Think about your lighting. When thinking about lighting in your pictures there are many different things to think about. The color of the lights, incandescent and florescent light both give a color cast in your pictures, the the best lighting to take pictures in is natural light. So how do you do this, well it is easy: go outside. This means that it is best to take your pictures before dark, or in most places before trick or treating. Natural light gives a much softer light than a flash does, and your really have to be careful when you are taking pictures with flash to not get to close and flash out your subject or too far back and your pictures are too dark. 4. Watch your background. When you are taking pictures the background is almost as important as the main subject. Since a lot of Halloween costumes have a lot of visual interest in them it is even more important to take a look at the background. You want the background to be plain and simple. A few different ideas for ideas that everyone has that are simple backgrounds are the front door, a neutral colored wall and the side of the house if your house exterior is a neutral color and does not have a lot of pattern to it to just name a few. Another thing to look at in your background besides the background itself is if there are any objects that are placed in an awkward location, examples are objects coming out of a persons head.

5. Ditch the buckets. When you are taking Halloween pictures you do not need to include the plastic candy collecting buckets. Your viewer will understand that it is Halloween and you don’t want he extra clutter in the pictures anyway. 6. Take pictures of the details. When taking pictures of your kids costumes always remember to take pictures of the small details of the costume. Some examples of this are the face painting on your child’s face, the wand your daughter is holding as she is princess, etc. Remember don’t always just take pictures of your kids full body and looking straight at you.

The last thing I want to remind you to think about as you take photos of your kids this Halloween. Be creative in the way you take your photos and let your kids be kids. The best part of Halloween is having fun as kids allow them to do that while you are photographing them also and you will get a better representation of who your kids are that particular year. Most of all HAVE FUN!!

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