Rocky River Nature Center - Cleveland Metroparks

The Rocky River Nature Center is a beautiful place to explore and learn many things about the nature that we live with daily, this is a wonderful reason to visit and explore the nature center. Another great reason to visit the nature center is to have your portraits taken. This location is great for portraits since there are so many different places to take your portraits. There are the famous steps that you take up the the top of the top of the cliff. You can take your pictures on the steps, at the top of the steps, or at other places around the park. The ideal place for you to be photographed in this beautiful park is determined by how much you want to hike to get to a location. There are water views, forest views and rock views.  

At the top of the steps are beautiful woods to take photos in, these are especially nice in the fall but can be pretty any time of the year. If you take the effort to climb the steps to take your photos at the top, you will be doing your workout for the day. This allows you to get an unique view of the valley below. 

If you want a different look to your photos you can hike down the trail awhile and take your pictures on the old rock steps in the middle of the forest instead of on the new wooden steps that everyone uses. The rock stairs are a very beautiful place to have your pictures taken. You can sit on the rocks, stand on the stairs, lean on trees, etc. This is just a fun place to be creative with your pictures. There is also a bridge over a creek that is located close to the nature center, allowing for picturesque location without all the walking involved in climbing the steps. 

We are talking about the Rocky River Nature Center here but just down the street there is a park that has beautiful views of the river and the bottom of the cliffs below the nature center. If you are having a photography session at the nature center if there is time in your session I always suggest going the short distance to the park and photographing from that viewpoint also. If you are not in need of pictures I still think you should get out and explore this natural treasure. 

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