Current Covid-19 protocols here at Urbanography Studio.

Can you believe that after almost a year we are still dealing with Covid-19? We are getting closer to ending this phase of life with getting closer to heard immunity through natural and artificial vaccination, learning to live with the virus and warmer weather which hopefully will bring less and less cases as we have been decreasing recently.

As we continue to take steps to keep you our clients safe. Your safety and feeling safe and conformable while we are photographing you is our priority.

First we are currently photographing our sessions outdoors as much as possible. Even though it is still winter in Ohio meaning it is cold that does not mean that we no longer do outdoor sessions, actually snow sessions are beautiful and fun. there are so many different ways that we can capture your snow loving pet or athlete this winter safely. This is the perfect time for those that love winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc, to be photographed doing what they love.

Secondly, if you are interested in a studio session we are taking several precautions to keep you safe. We are scheduling appointments in a way that allows for you to be the only one at the studio and the scheduling also allows us to clean the studio throughly between each and every session. All high touch surfaces are cleaned regularly in addition to between sessions. In doing this is allows us too your safe. We are also practicing social distancing in our studio. The photographer will be photographing from a distance and will be using hands off posing allowing for less physical touch during your session. We are also not currently using props in our photo sessions, except for things to sit on, allowing for a cleaner and safer environment.

Thirdly, we are currently holding our sessions at the clients house. This allows you to be in a place that you know is safe for you. Since we are coming to your house we will follow all the safety guidelines that are active at the time of the session and any other guidelines that you ask us to follow. We want to be considerate of your home and not do anything that will make you uncomfortable.

Lastly, these are just the basic guidelines and practices that we are currently using to keep you and us safe. Please note that these policies can change at any time, but I also want to let you know that we care for you our client and if at your photography session you want an accommodation that we are currently not doing in regards to COVID-19 we are happy to talk to you about what your needs are and change our policies accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you soon to have your athlete, sports league or pet photographed. You can schedule your appointment on our website or email us at or call us at 216-225-8273 for more information

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