Powder Sessions

Powder sessions are fun sessions for gymnasts, cheerleader, and dancers. These sessions allow them to show off their unique skills in a fun and creative way. These sessions are done in our studio, they create a big mess, and can be scheduled as an individual athlete or a small team can schedule times together. If a team schedules together these sessions are a good way to do team building in a fun new way.

Powder sessions also offered as an add on to our sports leagues also. This is a way that we can offer value to the leagues that we are photographing by having something extra for their parents that want more than just the traditional sports pictures for their athlete.

Powder sessions are 10 minute sessions and they cost $10 to schedule your time. You order the images and products that you would like after your session through and easy to use online ordering system. If you have a young athlete, know of one or run a sports league and would like more information on our powder sessions please contact us at michelle@urbanographystudio.com or you can schedule your powder session at www.urbanographystudio.com and select special event when scheduling your time.

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