Sports League pictures are still safe.

Do you run a sports league or are a parent of an athlete? If so we wanted to let you know how we are continuing to photograph and service our sports leagues even in the middle of a pandemic safely and with the same customer service as we always have. We are going to go over the process we are currently using that will keep you and your team safe while we photograph your team or athlete.

The first way we are keeping you safe is by scheduling your picture day in such a way that only the athletes that train/play together are photographed together. This means that we bring in a team photograph them, and then have them leave the facility before the next team comes in. This allows less people in the building at one time meaning there is less chance someone is sick. Since we are scheduling only one individual team at a time this also allows for social distancing protocols to be followed. Less people in the building allow for more space between people. We work with the league to schedule teams as effectively as possible so picture day can continue to flow quickly even though we are spreading groups out slightly.

Secondly, we are cleaning our setup regularly. This includes props, if we are using a prop for your sport. Other wise we try and photograph our athletes without any props. We can photograph many different sports effectively and creatively without the use of props. The use of props is up to the sports league and if you as a parent do not feel comfortable with you child using a prop we can always not use one with your child.

Thirdly, we can do team photos either the traditional way, with the team being photographed together, if you can the league feel safe doing this. If the league does not feel safe having teams come in together to have their photograph taken since the team member are closer than 6ft we are happy to create digital team pictures. These can be done in a traditional way or in a much more creative way. This is something that we discuss with the league leaders when we are going over what they want for their individual league.

Lastly, since every league is different and has different concerns we personally discuss with the league directors any safety concerns they have and how we will solve them when we photograph their league. We tailor our league photo days to the league just like our custom photography sessions so since every photo day meets the needs of the particular league we are photographing.

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