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Team Sports Leagues


About Us-

    We are a local photography studio who loves working with young athletes, their teams, and leagues. We treat each league uniquely and work with you to create a photo day that you and your families will love.


How we serve your league-

We are a full service photography studio, which means that we take care of everything leading up to your league's picture day--the picture day itself and all of the details afterwards. Since we take care of everything, you  can sit back and focus on the other needs of your league instead of adding another thing to your already full plate. We create the picture day schedule for you, reach out to your parents about all the information they need before and after the big day, run a smooth picture day, take orders from the parents, answer any questions you or your parents may have quickly and effectively, and deliver the orders to your families in a quick and timely fashion.


What we offer-

    We offer a personalized team picture day that is tailored to your league. We do so because every league is different and requires different things for their picture day. We sit down with you, the league directors, and talk about what you and your parents need and want out of your picture day and come up with a plan that meets your needs.


Contribution back to your league-

As a way to service your league, we offer you a contribution back to your league.  The specific contribution that we give your league is your decision. We offer either a monetary contribution or a product contribution. We allow you as a league to decide. If your league decides that they want a monetary contribution you can decide what percentage you would like to have contributed to your organization. You can choose i10%, 15% or 20% of the net product sales to be given back to your league.  Be aware that the prices that your parents pay will vary based on the amount that you want to have contributed back to the league. The higher the contribution, the higher the costs will be for your families. If you decide that you want to receive a product contribution, that can come in many different forms. These can include free gifts for the coaches, banners with your athletes on them, large team prints for the league, etc. 


Traditional sports photography-

We offer traditional sports photography, meaning  that we come to your league with a backdrop or photograph your athletes outside on their fields and then produce images that are simple and traditional in look. This type of photo day typically does well with prepaid ordering since one image is taken of each athlete on one background. These are the types of images that you think of when you think of sports league pictures. Traditional team photography is when the team is photographed together as a group.

Digital and composite individual and team photography-

When we photograph a sports league in a digital format, it allows more variety of products for your parents to choose from.  This  includes different backgrounds and multiple poses for each athlete. This also allows for a more creative and personalized photo day experience.  When it comes to team pictures in the digital area of sports  photography, they are done differently than in traditional setups. When we do digital teams it allows us to photograph the team members individually and then put them together as a team later. These composite images allow the teammates to be photographed at different times.  More creative backgrounds are also available than what we offer with traditional team pictures, 

Extras that we offer-

Along with team and league photo days we also offer teams and organizations the opportunity to schedule smaller groups in our studio to do more creative sessions that can not be done at the same time as the league picture day. These extra sessions would be just that extra meaning that your league can schedule these for your athletes if you want but they are not included in your picture day package. These sessions carry a nominal additional charge, typically $10 per athlete and then the parents can purchase products from these sessions also. Some of these extra sessions that we are currently holding for some of our clients are powder sessions, and contemporary karate sessions.

Powder sessions are fun and creative sessions that are loved by our gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers. These sessions are fun, allow for the athletes to show off their skills in a creative way, allow for team bonding if the sessions are done as a team. Powder sessions are typically done in our studio allowing us to make a big mess.

Contemporary karate sessions are sessions that have a much edgier feel to them They are creative and bold, and show off the passion that karate students have for their martial arts training. Bold contemporary sessions include colored lights, creative ways to show off poses, kicks and punches. These sessions are tailored to the belt level of each student or can also be tailored to other sports are well.

Order processes that we offer-

    We offer online and traditional order forms. Most leagues choose to use online ordering but there are a few that still like to offer presale ordering with paper forms. If you choose online ordering, it allows us to offer more backgrounds, poses and other products that your parents can customize, enhancing the picture day experience for them and your athletes. 

Who and what we bring with us to your picture day-


We bring everything and everyone that we will need to have a smooth picture day. We will bring all the photography supplies needed to create images your families will love, including backdrops, lights, etc. We also bring samples of the products that are available for purchase so your families can see some of them in person, paper order forms if your league chooses to use them, and a person to help check in athletes and answer any questions you or your parents might have.  For the athletes we will bring someone who is knowledgeable about their sport to help with posing, which includes providing a chart of different pose ideas so they do not have to think about what they want to do. This means that we will bring everyone that we need to run a smooth picture day and you will not need to be involved unless you want to be.

What are your next steps?

    We would love to sit down with you and talk about your needs for your league's picture day and see how we can help you. Please contact us at 440-694-5753 or to schedule a time to meet and discuss your needs.

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