Youth Sports Leagues

How do we serve your league?

We are a full service photography studio, which means that we take care of everything leading up to your leagues picture day, the picture day itself and all the details afterwards. Since we take care of everything, you can sit back and focus on the other needs of your league instead of adding another thing to your plate. We create the picture day schedule for you, reach out to your parents with all the information they need before and after your picture day, run a smooth picture day, take orders from the parents, answer any questions you or your parents may have quickly and effectively, and deliver the orders to your families in a quick and timely fashion.

What do we offer to your league?

We offer a personalized team picture day that is tailored to your league. We do so because each and every league is different and requires different things for their picture day. We sit down with you, the league directors, and talk about what you and your parents need and want out of your picture day experience and come up with a customized plan that meets your needs.

Contribution back to your league.

As a way to service your league, we offer you a contribution back to your league after picture day. The specific contribution that we give your league is your decision. We offer either a monetary contribution or a product contribution, we allow your league to decide. There are several options if you choose a product contribution, these can include coaches gifts, senior banners, sponsor plaques, etc.

Types of Picture Days Offered.

Traditional Sports Photography.

We offer traditional sports photography, meaning that we come to your league with a backdrop and studio lights or photograph on the fields outside. We then produce images that are simple and traditional in look. This type of of photography works well with prepaid ordering since one image is taken of each athlete on one background. These are the type of images you typically think of when you think of sports pictures.

Digital and Composite Sports Photography.

When we photograph a sports league in a digital setting, it allows more variety of products for your parents to choose from. This includes multiple pose and background options for each athlete, and a more creative and personalized picture day. When we photograph a league in a digital, green screen, format it allows us to photograph all individuals and then use those images to create creative and unique team pictures with composting.

Extras that we offer.

In addition the products that we offer the full league we also have products that you can add on or individual families can purchase, signed for small groups or individuals. Some of these extras include powder sessions, contemporary martial arts, or other things that fit with the sport we are photographing for you. These extras cary a small feel to schedule. If your league is interested in an add on please let us know.

Order processes we offer.

We offer online and traditional order forms. Most leagues choose to use online ordering, but there are still al few that offer paper forms or pre-sale. Presale ordering is also now available in an online ordering platform. If you choose online sales after picture day it allows them to have more backgrounds, poses and products for parents to customize and enhance their picture day.

Who and what we bring with us on picture day.

We bring everything and everyone that we will need to have a smooth picture day-all photography supplies, sample products, paper forms, staff to check people in and answer questions. We also help your athletes with their posing and make sure everything looks good before we take the pictures.

Send us an email at for more information.

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Young girl in what karate uniform and orange belt showing her moves.
action shot of boy in white karate uniform and red belt jumping to kick the target.
Young woman gymnast posing in her team leotard.
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