Hi, I am Michelle.

Do you have a passion that drives you? maybe it is your dogs or cats or your kids. Photography has always been a passion of mine along with my kids and cats. I would not be complete without these things.

I would be doing photography in some shape or form, even if it was not my job to photograph your sons/daughters or pets. I started Urbanography Studio Photography in 2017 to share my passion for photographing pets and athletes with those around me, allowing them to enjoy the images for years to come.

Photography is not my only passion though. I am a loving wife to my husband. He is a special education school teacher and very supportive of me following my dreams and passions as i work hard to grow this business. You might even see him helping out at the information table at your sports league picture day.

I am also a mother of three wonderful children. On is a competitive gymnast and that keeps me busy away from work. She is also an avid reader, loves art, and music. My second child does karate and is close to earning his black belt and loves to read and play video games. The youngest plays ukulele, soccer, love video games and just enjoys life.

Along with having three kids, I also had a beloved dog for many years, but she passed in 2019. Her passing gave me a new passion for capturing the last days of beloved pets and why I offer end of life sessions to my clients. We currently are parents to Pikachu, Pearl and Treecho. Pearl and Pikachu are our cats. They are brother and sister and are constantly getting into trouble, running around the house fighting and playing together. Treecho is our leopard gecko. Our son loves his reptiles and that is why we are proud gecko owners. As a member of the exotic pet family I have noticed that this is a forgotten segment of the population. Exotic pets loves deserve portraits of their pets also.

Headshot of studio owner looking through camera.