Welcome to Urbanography Studio Photography!

We want to admit to you that we have been horrible in the past on updating this blog as often as we should, and that is something that we plan to work on and be better with this year.

With that said we want to re introduce to you who Urbanography Studio Photography is once again. We are a small photography studio located in North Eastern Ohio just outside of Cleveland. What do we photograph you ask. We specialize in pet photography and creative photos of your athletes. You might even see us out in the community taking pictures of your kids youth sports leagues. Ps if your league needs a photographer we would love to talk with more.

We are a custom photographer. What does that mean for you? That means that we customize every session for you, your style and the personality of your animal. It also means that we customize a portrait session for your athlete that allows them to shine and show off the passion they have for their sport, whether that is gymnastics, dance, baseball, soccer, karate or any other sport. We use this passion to develop images that you will want to hang on your walls to show off your kids athletic prowess.

Follow along in the weeks to come as we tell more about past sessions, take you to locations around the Cleveland area that are good places to have photo sessions, give information about topics related to photography, pets and sports, among other things.

We will see you soon. - Hopefully the beginning of February.