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Creating cherished memories of your pet and athlete daily.


Welcome. I wanted to share a little about us. We love our pets and athletes as much as you love yours. Having your special family members professionally photographed allows you to have a permanent and beautiful reminder of this particular time in your lives together, since we know those moments won't last forever. We here at Urbanography Studio take pride in creating lasting and timeless images for our clients. Take a look at our "Meet Michelle" page for more information about us and our family, both human and furry.

In 2022 we are introducing our Give Back program. We will be giving a portion of every sale from our pet clients back to two charities that we fully support. We go into detail on our "Meet Michelle" page about these charities and how you can support them yourselves. 

My pet will not sit still!

That is OK. We work with a lot of very active pets who do not like to sit still. We allow your pet to take the lead; if they want to run, we will take more action shots; if they are more comfortable with you close by, we will pose you with your pet more often. If they need to be on a leash, like most of our clients do, we will just take it out digitally. We also come to your session with lost of toys, noise makers, etc to help your pet behave. This will allow you to have many displayable images after your session. 

What does a typical session look like?

Each of our sessions are individually tailored to you, our client, and your pet. This allows your pet's unique personality to shine through. We also work with each client to produce images that fit the look and feel of your home where they will be displayed for years to come. We do this by working together to pick the right location, time of day, and feeling for your images. The whole photography process at Urbanography Studio is a partnership between you and us.

Do you sell digital files?

Yes we do, but they are only a small part of the product options that we offer. We focus on creating art that you can display in your home, office, etc. for years to come. We will discuss with you  throughout the photography and order process what we offer and help you pick out what products are the best fit for you, not just digital files.

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