We understand that pets are creatures of habit and many are much more comfortable in their natural environment. For this reason we love to photograph your pet in the location that will allow us to get the most natural images of your pet, this can be your home and yard, a local park they love to play at, or other places where your pet feels at home.

We also love to photograph your beautiful pets in our studio located in West Cleveland. When you bring your pet to our studio allow time for them to get comfortable with their new surroundings allowing for a more relaxed and photogenic pet. When you choose a studio session we offer sessions with a simple setup or one with props that your pet can interact with. You choose which kid you setup you would like and which one would work best with your pets personality.

No matter which kind of session, on location or in our studio, you schedule we will allow your pet to be themselves, and we will allow time for your pet to play during the session.

We would love to talk to you about your pet and decide together what kind of session would work best for you. We will take into consideration the kind of pictures you would like and your pets personality when recommending what we think would be best.

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